With winter in Bordeaux being cold and wet,most of my outdoor projects happen in spring and summer.SO,what better way then to keep improving my techniques than with a mosaic heaven experience in Mexico!!I was lucky enough to work and learn with 3 amazing and famous mosaic artists from all over the states,Donna Billick,Laurel True and Isaih Zagar,all lovers of huge outdoor murals and sculptures.I came home with 2 large commissions to complete this year.

The first was to decorate the main entrance of a kindergarden,with each child to participate in this wonderful project, each one made their own tile and helped glue a section of the wall together,each class being responsible for a different color.Working with such small children was a challenge and a great learning experience.

During the hotter summer months,I worked with the sailing club to create a 6m² floor in stones and glass,depicting their beloved rivers.It needed to be very resistance as it would be walked on by many and is right by the waters edge.It was a complex project,the glass and stone being totally different levels,but with each new job we advance and aquire new skills that help us become more knowledgeable in our proffession.

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